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London Care Record

Health and social care services have a duty to keep complete, accurate and up-to-date information about patients’ treatment and care. At times, hospitals and GP practices need to share patients’ medical information with other NHS services to ensure patients receive the best possible care.

Helping to make your experience of receiving care more seamless

Building on the success of the old Local Care Record, which enabled healthcare professionals in south-east London to access relevant patient information from the computer systems at other local Trusts, the London Care Record has been established. This system has been created for information sharing across the whole of London, with scope for sharing information beyond the region.

As well as accessing records from King’s, the Princess Royal University Hospital, Guy’s, St Thomas’, Lewisham, Queen Elizabeth (Woolwich), the Maudsley, and most GP practices in Southwark, Lambeth and Bromley, healthcare professionals involved in direct patient care are now able to access health records from care providers and other London Trusts, as well as Trusts in Hertfordshire, West Essex and Milton Keynes.

How it works

Doctors, nurses and other clinical staff at King’s who are caring for patients can see the outcome of tests and scans; patients’ medications; previous treatment; and other relevant information when it is needed to ensure they are able to deliver care, armed with the information they need.

With a fuller picture of the patients they are treating, the London Care Record enables healthcare professionals to make better, more informed decisions about their patients.

What are the benefits of using the London Care Record?

The benefits of using the London Care Record include:

  • faster decision-making
  • reduction in test duplication
  • care tailored to patients’ needs
  • improved time efficiency
  • cost saving for the NHS and the taxpayer

Right to object

While the sharing of information in a secure way and only with the relevant healthcare professionals is beneficial to patients, some may not wish for their information to be shared. In the first instance, patients should discuss it with their clinician, who will explain the implications of opting out.

Those not currently receiving care can complete an Individual Rights Request form if they do not want their records shared via the London Care Record.

Further information

To find out more information about the London Care Record, please talk to your healthcare professional.

Please take a moment to read our frequently asked questions for more information, including our Privacy notice, and the importance placed on data security.