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Dental patients

King’s Dental Institute is a centre of excellence for dental care. You may have been referred to us for specialist assessment, treatment or advice about a dental-related condition or injury. Our services include most of the nationally recognised Dental Specialities together with Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery.

Most of these services are based at the Denmark Hill site but we also have services at Queen Mary’s Hospital in Sidcup and at the Princess Royal Hospital in Bromley. As well as our hospital-based services, we also provide Community Dental Services in health centres across large parts of south London.

Although you have been referred to us, this does not guarantee that we will accept you for treatment. But we may be able to accept you for treatment if you meet one or more of the following requirements:

  • Your dental problem is so difficult to treat that you need a dentist with specialist training.
  • You have a medical condition or disability which makes it best for you to be treated in hospital.
  • Your dental problem is simpler but you agree to be treated by undergraduate/postgraduate students or other healthcare trainees, supervised by qualified dentists.

If you have been referred to us for a specialist opinion, you will be asked to return to your dentist for treatment.

Children’s appointments

We advise parents to attend the new patient appointments of children under 16. Another responsible adult can come with them on this first visit, but parents may have to attend further appointments.

All appointments

How do I change or cancel my appointment?

If you need to alter or cancel your appointment, call the Dental Waiting List Office on 020 3299 4988.

If you cannot make your appointment, please let us know as soon as possible – at least three days before – because we find it very difficult to fill cancelled appointments at short notice.

If you fail to attend an appointment without giving us notice, we will return your referral letter and you will need to be referred again by your dentist or GP.

What do I need to bring to my appointment?

Complete and bring with you the medical history questionnaire that is enclosed with your appointment letter. Include details of any medicines or pills you are taking.

If you are taking warfarin, please bring your yellow INR book with you.

I need an interpreter or translator – how do I arrange one?

Please contact the Dental Waiting List Office on 020 3299 4988. Explain that you need an interpreter and they will arrange one for your first appointment.

For more information, visit our interpreting and translation service page.

What do I do when I arrive for my appointment?

Go to the clinic on your appointment letter and give your name and appointment letter to the receptionist.

Please help us by arriving for your appointment on time.

What will happen at my first appointment?

You are unlikely to have any treatment on your first visit.

One of our dentists will assess you to confirm your problems and to identify any special procedures you need.

This assessment aims you to ensure we make the right diagnosis so any treatment we recommend or later carry out is the best for you and your teeth.

How long will my appointment take?

Be prepared to spend two – three hours or more for all the investigations you may need, including x-rays, where necessary.

If you already have x-ray films, please bring these with you. These will help us with your diagnosis and deciding how to treat your problem.

Will I be seen by a student?

King’s Dental Institute is a major dental education centre training more than 900 clinical undergraduate and postgraduate students and dental care professionals every year.

As well as the free treatment programme mentioned above, students take part in some of our clinics as a valuable part of their training. They help us to run clinics efficiently by confirming your medical history and taking notes on the problems you are having. They will then introduce you to the senior dentist running the clinic.

Therapy and Hygiene assessments: limited treatment for adults not registered with a dentist

The Dental Therapy and Hygiene Department at King’s College Hospital offers a limited number of dental assessments for possible treatment provided by our dental therapy and hygiene students. The students are supervised at all times by qualified clinicians.

To be considered for assessment, patients need to meet ALL of the eligibility criteria as listed below:

  • are aged 16 or over
  • are local to King’s
  • have not received dental treatment at King’s previously
  • only require treatment for a routine filling(s) or minor cleaning
  • have not registered with a dentist

If you meet ALL of the criteria listed above, please email:
[email protected]

Unfortunately, patients who do not meet the above criteria will be declined. Please note this service is not for dental check-ups or any other service.

Should you be accepted, you will be assessed at an appointment and if you are suitable you will be added to the treatment waiting list. If you need more complex treatment, you may be referred to our dental undergraduates. We ask that you ensure you can commit to a course of treatment before applying.

A form will be sent to you to complete and if accepted, you will be added to a waiting list for assessment only. Please note that an assessment appointment is not a guarantee of acceptance for treatment. If you are accepted at the assessment appointment, you will be added to the waiting list for treatment by our therapy and hygiene students and will be offered a treatment appointment in due course.

While on the waiting list and depending on demand for our service, it may be up to five months before you are sent an appointment. Your patience is appreciated.