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Coming into hospital can sometimes be daunting, so to make things easier, we explain what you can expect during your stay. We aim to ensure that your stay at King’s is as comfortable as possible and that you receive all the care and support you need. Find out more information in our Welcome to King’s information booklet.

We will send you a letter telling you when to come into King’s. It will also explain what you need to do before coming in. Please follow these instructions so you can have your treatment as planned.

Check your admission date

Check the admission date on your letter. If you cannot come to hospital on that date, let us know by calling the contact number on the letter.

Follow the instructions on the letter about how to confirm your admission to King’s. You will be either contacted by us or asked to call King’s to confirm there is a bed available for you. Do not come in without confirming that we have a bed for you.

What to bring with you

  • Two sets of nightwear, a dressing gown and slippers.
  • One or two sets of day clothes – you will only have a small locker next to your bed for your belongings.
  • Toiletries, bath towel, flannel, razor and shaving materials.
  • A box of tissues.
  • A small amount of money.
  • Things to do in quiet moments, such as books, magazines, crosswords or an internet-enabled device to access our Wi-Fi, TV and entertainment
  • Contact numbers for close relatives.
  • The name, address and phone number of your home doctor.
  • Any tablets or medicine you have been taking at home.
  • Walking aids/wheelchair if you normally use them.
  • Your diary, in case you need to arrange follow-up appointments.

What not to bring with you

Please do not bring valuables or large sums of money. If you do, please ask a relative to take them home or give them to the nurse in charge of your ward when you arrive. For more advice, see our area about Security at King’s.

Your medicines

When you arrive, show your nurse or doctor any medicines or tablets you have been taking. If you cannot bring your medicines or tablets with you, we will make sure you get the medication you need.

Your medical team will review your medicines or tablets while you are in hospital because these might need to be changed or stopped. We will not take your medicines away without your permission. You can keep them in your locker next to your bed.

When you leave hospital you can take your medicines with you if the doctor says it is still suitable for you. We will give you a different prescription if you need it. We will give you two weeks’ supply – enough to cover you until you can visit your home doctor.

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