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When you leave

If you need care after your hospital stay, our Admissions and Discharge team will help you arrange it. So if you are worried about how you will manage at home, please tell the nurse in charge of your ward.

You will also need some outdoor clothing for when you leave King’s, so please ask a relative or friend to bring some in for you the evening before you return home.

Your hospital doctor will write to your GP (home doctor) to tell them what treatment you have had. If you do not want us to inform your GP that you have been in hospital, let the ward sister or the nurse in charge of your care know.

On the day you leave

  • Don’t forget to arrange for someone to collect you.
  • We will probably take you to the discharge lounge, where nurses will make sure you have all the medicine you need before you leave hospital.
  • If you need follow-up medicine, we will ask you to visit your home doctor. We will give you a letter to explain your treatment needs.
  • We can arrange an ambulance only if your home doctor or nurse has asked us to. You must have specific medical needs and live far enough away from the hospital. We will allow one person to travel with you if:
    • you are under 16
    • you have particular clinical needs, or
    • you have a registered carer.

Things to do before you leave

  • Give the sister on your ward your address.
  • Collect your hospital discharge letter for your home doctor.
  • Make sure you have the medicine you need.
  • Ask the nurse in charge of your ward for any medical certificates you need.
  • Ask for any cash or valuables we have been keeping safe for you.
  • If you require hospital equipment (such as crutches), new items will be issued to you.
  • You will not be required to return walking aids such as crutches.

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