We are experiencing disruption to pathology services across our hospitals – particularly blood tests
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Our values

At King’s, we are a kind, respectful team

Kind. We show compassion and understanding and bring a positive attitude to our work.
Respectful. We promote equality, are inclusive and honest, speaking up when needed.
Team. We support each other, communicate openly, and are reassuringly professional.

These are the King’s values. They have been developed along with our strategy with input from over 4,500 staff, patients and other members of our community and we thank everyone who contributed.

At King’s, we have a rich and diverse range of people who together deliver to our patients and communities. Our values are the threads that holds us altogether. They are the values we live by and the ethos which underpins how we care for each other. They are the foundations for building a culture which will help us deliver our Trust vision and strategy.

We want everyone who works for King’s to treat people in ways which reflect our values. They set a clear standard of what you can expect while you are cared for by King’s.

We have developed a behaviour framework which articulates what is expected from every member of staff. Being a kind, respectful team will only be a reality if we all behave in this way.


I will:

  • care for people’s dignity and privacy
  • treat everyone as a valued individual
  • be considerate
  • take the time to understand others’ concerns, with empathy, putting myself in their shoes
  • bring an optimistic, ‘can do’ attitude
  • value others
  • say thanks and smile if appropriate

I won’t:

  • be rude, uncivil, abrupt or aggressive
  • undermine others, bully, belittle or shout
  • fail to consider other people’s perspectives
  • be dismissive of others’ feelings, stories or journeys
  • be problem-focused
  • moan without acting
  • ignore others’ good work or ‘take the credit’


I will:

  • ensure equity for everyone
  • embrace diversity and difference
  • be impartial and open-minded
  • be approachable, welcoming, connecting and encouraging
  • involve people in trusted relationships
  • speak up when I need to, and be open to receiving feedback as a chance to learn

I won’t:

  • judge, discriminate, make assumptions or be intolerant of others’ views, choices or differences
  • exclude, isolate or blame people
  • ‘go it alone’ or work in a silo
  • gossip
  • withhold information
  • criticise mistakes
  • stay silent when I need to speak up
  • be closed to feedback


I will:

  • be attentive, noticing when others need help and be willing to offer it
  • be friendly and helpful
  • communicate openly, explain clearly, share information regularly and listen with curiosity
  • be responsible for my attitude: calm, polite, patient, reassuring and look to learn and improve

I won’t:

  • avoid helping if someone needs it
  • make people feel ‘a burden’
  • take a ‘not my job’ attitude
  • dictate, interrupt or lecture people
  • argue rather than discuss
  • use jargon
  • talk over people
  • accept low standards
  • resist change, learning or improvement
  • pass my stress on to others

We hope this behaviour framework helps show you what to expect when you come to King’s. If we fall below these standards please let us know: we can only make things better if you tell us.