Our Strategy

Strong roots, global reach

We’ve built King's strategy from the ground up, listening to what you have to say about the priorities for our Trust. We’ve heard from more than 4,500 staff, patients and other members of our community to find out what is important and what we should focus on in the future. Using this feedback, our vision is to be bold:

  • brilliant people
  • outstanding care
  • leaders in research, innovation and education
  • diversity, equality and inclusion at the heart of everything we do

Having a strategy is critical. It helps us to plan for the future. It helps everyone feel part of one team. The challenges from COVID-19, as well as a rapidly changing NHS, mean we need to identify our priorities so that we are always doing our best for the people we care for and our staff.

The golden threads – which will help us achieve our ambitions – are weaved through our strategy. We will be: person-centred, digitally-enabled, focused on sustainability, and one Team King’s.

We must do all this while embodying King's values as a kind, respectful team. Below we set out our ambitions for 2021-26.

Brilliant people

Two members of King's staffWe attract, retain and develop passionate and talented people, creating an environment where they can thrive.

Outstanding care

Nurse speaking to patientWe deliver excellent health outcomes for our patients, and they always feel safe, cared for and listened to.

Leaders in research, innovation and education

King's surgeons during an operationWe will continue to develop and deliver world-class research, innovation and education – providing the best teaching, and bringing new treatments and technologies to patients.

Diversity, equality and inclusion at the heart of everything we do

King's staff treating patientWe will proudly champion diversity and inclusion at King’s, and act decisively to deliver more equitable experiences and outcomes for our patients and people.

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