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When you arrive

When you arrive, let us know you are here for your outpatient appointment by:

  • using the Intouch mobile app (see details below)
  • or our Express Check-in kiosks (see details below)
  • or by going to the clinic on your appointment letter and giving your name and letter to the receptionist.

Please help us by arriving for your appointment on time.

Intouch mobile app

The Intouch Appointment Manager is a check-in and calling mobile app you can use to register your arrival for a pre-booked outpatient appointment. This means you won’t need to see a receptionist or check in on one of our Express Check-in kiosks.

If you have any problems using the app, please use either the Express Check-in kiosks or go to the reception desk.

Watch the video or follow these instructions to download and use the Intouch mobile app:

  1. Download the app called ‘Intouch Appointment Manager V2’ from Google Play or the App Store to your phone
  2. When you arrive at the hospital, connect to the hospital Wi-Fi network, ‘NHS Wi-Fi’
  3. Open the app and allow the app to use your location to make sure you’re close to the hospital
  4. Enable app notifications so staff can send you a notification when they are ready to see you for your appointment and where to report to
  5. Select which hospital site you are attending. The app is available to use at all our hospital sites (Beckenham Beacon, King’s College Hospital, Orpington Hospital, Princess Royal University Hospital, Queen Mary’s Hospital, and Tessa Jowell Health Centre)
  6. Click on the button ‘I have an appointment’
  7. You will be asked to give your date of birth and postcode. Then select ‘confirm’ to check in for your appointment
  8. When staff are ready, you will be called to your appointment through a notification in the app

Express Check-in kiosks

We have Express Check-in kiosks in many outpatient areas.

If you forget your letter, you can still use the kiosk to check in, by typing in certain details about your appointment.

Once you have checked in using the kiosk, your name will be shown on a display screen on the wall as ‘Waiting’. When we are ready to see you, the onscreen message by your name will tell you where to go for your consultation.

How long will I have to wait?

  • Please allow at least two hours for your appointment.
  • We will try not to keep you for more than 30 minutes after your appointment time.
  • You might need to have an x-ray or other tests afterwards. We will try to arrange these on the same day, so you may need to wait longer.
  • Please tell the receptionist if you need to leave and cannot wait for your tests because you might be able to have them another day.
  • Sometimes appointments are delayed. This is usually for a good reason, but clinic staff should always tell you why there has been a delay.
  • Arriving early for your appointment does not mean we will see you earlier.

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