Information about the cyber-attack on Synnovis, the Trust pathology provider, including data security
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After your appointment

Once your appointment has finished, please go to the clinic reception desk before leaving the hospital.

What happens if I need more tests?

The clinic receptionist will explain how to arrange a convenient date and time for your tests.

What happens if I need another appointment?

Usually, the clinic receptionist will arrange another appointment for you before you leave the hospital.

Alternatively, if your next appointment doesn’t need to be for several months, we will send you a letter and/or text at a later date, asking you to phone us to book the appointment.

If we need to change your appointment, we will tell you beforehand and rearrange it for a date and time that is convenient for you.

How do I get a second opinion?

We hope you will be happy with the care we provide at King’s, but if you would like a second opinion from another doctor, please discuss this option with your GP – your home doctor.

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