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Online booking system for outpatient blood tests

Our phlebotomy (blood testing) service, ran by our pathology provider Synnovis, has introduced appointments for outpatient blood tests at King’s College Hospital in Denmark Hill and the Tessa Jowell Health Centre in East Dulwich. This is a change from the previous walk-in ticket-based system.

If you are an outpatient, or your GP has asked you to get blood taken at King’s College Hospital or the Tessa Jowell Health Centre, you need to book your blood tests online using the Swiftqueue booking system.

The video user guide below explains more about the system. There is also a Swiftqueue online booking patient user guide document.

Swiftqueue allows you to see appointment times and make a booking at a time of your choice at our hospital sites. You can also view, reschedule and cancel your appointments online. This will help us to improve waiting times and reduce the possibility of overcrowding. We will still carry out the same number of tests as usual at each site.

To create an account and book your blood test, visit the Swiftqueue website, or use the link at the bottom of your blood test form.

Can’t book online?

We understand that not everyone is able to use an online booking system or has access to the internet. We are making sure our service remains flexible and accommodating by offering you different ways to access the service. These are:

1. Same day appointments 

You can continue to visit the phlebotomy clinic and have your blood taken on the day. A same day appointment will be made for you when you arrive, but otherwise your experience will remain the same.

2. Future appointments 

Future appointments can be made on the Swiftqueue website with assistance from a member of the team at our phlebotomy clinics. This will be helpful if you have routine tests or when you wish to secure an early appointment because fasting is required.

3. Booking for others (including children under 16) 

Family members, friends and carers can book phlebotomy appointments for you by creating their own Swiftqueue account and adding you to it. Watch the video user guide above to find out more information.

If you need any help, please speak to a member of our phlebotomy team.

Please note, this change does not impact inpatient blood testing services at King’s College Hospital, Denmark Hill, or any blood testing services currently in place at the following Trust sites: Beckenham Beacon, Orpington Hospital, Princess Royal University Hospital (PRUH) and Queen Mary’s Hospital.