Information about the cyber-attack on Synnovis, the Trust pathology provider, including data security
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Turning research into treatments

Here at King’s we are at the forefront of the search for better treatments and cures for cancer.

Working together with Guy’s and St Thomas’ Hospitals and King’s College London, we have united as an Integrated Cancer Centre. Together, the most talented scientists and medical staff in the field share their skills and knowledge to ensure the best possible outcomes for cancer patients. By pooling our resources, we can take on the toughest research questions and find the answers faster than ever.

We are the fastest growing research centre in the UK, developing more advanced methods to tackle some of the most difficult to treat cancers.

Get involved in research

Patients are a vital part of our research to help us improve treatments and outcomes for cancer. So as a patient, you may be asked to be involved in a study or a clinical trial as part of your treatment.

We only offer this for certain cancer types and/or medical conditions but patients can ask their hospital doctor for more information.

Help fund our research

Another way you can help is to donate to King’s.

Carrying out ground-breaking research requires resources such as equipment, facilities and people. Donations mean we are able to conduct more clinical trials than ever before. Importantly, this means more patients are receiving the best and most innovative treatments, faster.

With your help, our teams of researchers can undertake large studies of the rarest and most complicated cancers. Whether we are investigating breast cancer, brain tumours or improving our understanding of why cancer cells grow and multiply – our next breakthrough could be just round the corner.