National Cancer Patient Experience Survey

The National Cancer Patient Experience Survey (NCPES) is an important part of the national NHS Cancer Programme. It has been designed to monitor national progress on cancer care and to drive local quality improvement. The survey is commissioned and managed by NHS England and NHS Improvement.

The 2021 survey is sent to a sample of patients who have received cancer treatment throughout the months of April to June 2021. From late October onwards, you may receive an invite directly to your home address to take part. You will be able to complete the questionnaire either by Freepost or online via a unique QR code. If you do receive an invitation to take part, we would be very grateful if you could take the time to complete the questionnaire. Your feedback and responses will ensure that we are able to make improvements where needed and continue to work to provide the best cancer care possible here at King’s. For example, the King’s Cancer Patient Voice patient group use this data to benchmark and prioritise plans for further improvements as part of the Improving Cancer Patient Experience Programme.

For further information, you can visit the National Cancer Patient Experience Survey website. Or to find out more about the improvements being made as a result of feedback from the survey, please contact us on [email protected].