Staff governors

Our staff governors are elected from a variety of roles to represent the interests of all our staff across all our sites.

Roger Engwell - Administration and Clerical and Management

Roger Engwell

I have lived local to King’s all my life and my whole family have used King’s. I worked for NatWest bank and was my mum’s full time carer for five years. The last four years I have volunteered at King’s and I am now a paid full time volunteer recruitment administrator and also a staff governor.

I am very hard working, committed, passionate, enthusiastic, and a real people’s person. I will actively listen, communicate, work together, help make improvements, and actively support the local community. I like to make a real difference, and believe everyone should be treated as you wish to be.

I will represent the interests of the members, staff, local community and patients through these challenging times. It is a real pleasure and privilege to be part of team King’s, and I really cherish my role as a staff governor.

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Cornelius Lewis - AHPs, Scientific and Technical

Cornelius Lewis

I have worked for King’s College Hospital as a Clinical Scientist since 1991 in a variety of roles, currently as Director of Medical Engineering and Physics. I am active both locally and nationally on groups representing healthcare scientists. Also I am currently the alternate member for KCH on the Membership Council of Health Education South London (HESL).

The next few years will be an exciting and challenging time for the Trust as King’s Health Partners continue to develop and the PRUH integration matures. Allied Health Professionals (AHPs) and Healthcare Scientists will be essential to the success of these developments as they are key to our main focus of delivering and supporting first class patient care.

It is sometimes difficult for the voice of AHPs and Healthcare Scientists to be heard, partly because we are disparate groups. As a staff governor I will seek to improve that situation.

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CV Praveen - Medical and Dental

CV Praveen

I am an ENT Surgeon based at the Princess Royal University Hospital. I joined the hospital in 1999 as an SpR. I have a master’s degree (MBA) in management and hence I feel better equipped to represent my colleagues at the board level.

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Jo Artus - Nurses and Midwives

Jo Artus

Joining King’s as a newly qualified nurse from Suffolk, progressing and developing in the King’s ethos and now working as a Senior Sister, I have seen King’s from a variety of perspectives but also found out what it means to be part of this community. Initially I was an outsider and then a member of staff; I met patients and colleagues from the local area and learnt what the issues affecting them are.

As a Governor I have the opportunity to be involved in shaping the future of the Trust. As a member of staff representing Nurses and Midwives I can bring shop floor points of view to the Board. My aim is to ensure decisions are informed and always with patients’ best interests at the forefront of everything we do.

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Nicky Hayes - Nurses and Midwives

Nicky Hayes

Staff Governors bring a unique perspective to the Board of Governors and have an important role in supporting, informing and influencing at a number of levels. As a Consultant Nurse with 10 years’ experience at King’s I can bring a strong clinical perspective and the know-how accrued from working with staff and patients for so long.
I’m proud to be one of the staff and I’m also aware of the constraints our organisation is experiencing at the moment. As a Staff Governor I will continue to do my very best to support and help through such a challenging period.

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