Staff governors

Our staff governors are elected from a variety of roles to represent the interests of all our staff across all our sites.

Aisling Considine – AHPs, Scientific and Technical

Aisling Considine

I have worked at King’s for over 17 years and am the current Deputy Chief Pharmacist for Emergency Planning and Business Continuity and a Consultant Hepatology Pharmacist.

Over the years I have sat on a number of regional and national patient advocacy and policy groups, all of which focus on working with multidisciplinary teams to maximise collaboration and improve the patient journey.

I am a firm believer that successful strategies form from co-creation and our experience from 2020 and onwards has shown us the importance of listening to staff and patients.
I am proud to work for King’s, but am acutely aware that working in a healthcare environment comes with many challenges. I believe that as a staff governor with my background I can help contribute to the Trust-wide agenda on shaping better patient outcomes and staff satisfaction.

Dr Akash Deep – Medical and Dentistry

Dr Akash Deep

I am the Clinical Lead of the Paediatric Intensive Care Unit (PICU) at King’s College Hospital, which caters to one of the sickest populations in the UK. I am extremely privileged to be working with a dedicated multi-professional team which makes working in an extremely stressful environment very easy. Our aim is to ensure the best experience for our patients and their families at times when they are going through a very difficult time in the PICU. My new role as the Lead for the Paediatric Critical Care Operational Delivery Network for South Thames (South London, Kent, Surrey and Sussex) will help our organisation and community have a strong voice in the network.

I am the Chair for the Science and Education Committee of the Paediatric Critical Care Society (PCCS) in the UK. I am the key medical advisor to the UK Sepsis Trust Executive Committee and the main author for the National Paediatric Sepsis Toolkits for Paediatrics.

I have worked very closely with the community in identifying and prioritising their needs, work on sepsis awareness in local schools in Southwark and have co-authored the safety netting leaflet for sepsis awareness for parents in the UK. As the Staff Governor, I want to continue to be the link between our patients, community and the Trust to ensure that decisions made serve the best interests of patients and the organisation alike.

Mick Dowling – Nursing and Midwives

Mick Dowling

I have worked at King’s College Hospital for over 20 years. I am Head of Nursing for Critical Care, Diagnostics, and Medical Engineering and Physics, and my role is Trust-wide. I am very proud of the service we deliver and of the team that makes this happen every day.

With over 20 years of clinical, operational and business acumen acquired within the Trust, I believe that I am in a unique position to represent the community’s thoughts and ideas. As part of the biggest stakeholder group in the Trust, I will ensure that the decisions made support the community and the organisation, and uphold our patient’s best interests now and in the future.

Erika Grobler – Nurses and Midwives

Erika Grobler

I am Team King’s through and through, having worked at King’s since 1999 in a number of nursing leadership roles. I currently serve as the Trust’s Lead Nurse for Patient Experience. This role provides me with an opportunity to co-design services with patients and community groups to ensure that their needs are identified and met.

Nursing and midwifery colleagues play an essential role in devising, leading and delivering the Trust’s agenda and mission. This has been shown through our response to the coronavirus pandemic. With 36 years of experience acquired in a number of countries and settings I am able and honoured to represent thoughts and ideas of the nursing and midwifery workforce as the Trust moves to address the needs and challenges of staff and patients.

Tunde Jokosenumi – Admin, Clerical and Management

Tunde Jokosenumi

I am a corporate governance specialist, having recently completed an MSc in Corporate Governance at the London South Bank University. I am a full member of the Institute of Chartered Secretary and Administrators as a graduate of the institute. I have lived within the community for more than 25 years. I currently work on the help desk at King’s College Hospital, where I manage confidentiality of information.

I am also involved with the London Football Association as a football referee, am a member of the Southwark Council Landlords and Tenants committee, and a member of the Quality Review team at the Trust. I am also the Secretary to a community charity organisation that is responsible to the Trust Chairman, providing support, challenging scrutiny and having oversight of the charity’s services.

Christy Oziegbe – Nurses and Midwives

Christy Oziegbe - Nurses and Midwives Staff Governor

I was born overseas but have spent all my life in the UK. I was originally a teacher in a secondary school in Southwark and then went to university to study nursing. I have worked in the Neuroscience Department at King’s for over 26 years.

I was involved as a governor at my children’s school for many years as well as a trustee to many Christian organisations where I raised money for their charities.

I have a strong belief in patient awareness as a means of assisting neurological patients to give them holistic care. I am joining King’s Council of Governors to advance this and raise further funds for the Trust.

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