Patient governors

Six patient governors represent the Trust’s patients outside of the Trust constituency. As current and former patients, they share their own experiences of King’s to improve services and patient care.

Andrea Towers

Andrea Towers, Patient Governor

Biography to follow.

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Derek St Clair Cattrall

Derek St Clair Cattrall

I was a Senior Executive with BT for 35 years where I led teams in the research, development and promotion of video communications; a Magistrate for 17 years, served in the TA, and I am the Chairman of 31 Signals Regimental Association.

I have been a patient in a number of NHS hospitals where I have observed first hand staff patient interaction. This has inspired me in supporting this Trust. I will strive to help advance the care our hospitals provide to our patients and staff.

I am particularly interested in the quality of care, and the staff/patient experience which I believe is key. I would now like to use my professional experience to help KCH continue its place as one of London’s top health and academic institutions. I have time, enthusiasm and a wide range of work experience to help shape the future of KCH.

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Emmanuel Forche

Emmanuel Forche, Patient Governor

After a brief career in academia as a computing lecturer, I joined the payment industry in 1991 and have not moved since. In addition to my role as Technical Director in my company, I have extensive experience in digital forensics (recovering and investigating material on digital devices) and cryptology (an area of information security).

I am the author of a book of essays on change management, business finance, investment strategies and financial reporting in a globalised environment. I am a science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) ambassador and I am currently reading for a PhD in Management.

As governor I'll be focusing on all aspects of patient experience, from admission to discharge. In particular, I will do all I can to help make sure no patient spends longer than necessary in hospital when they are well enough to go home.

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Paul Cosh

Paul Cosh, Patient Governor

Following a Mathematics degree from Exeter University, I spent most of my career in financial services. I helped create several companies and was on the board of a small, fully listed company. My passion has been to help build companies and help others do the same. I also helped create two charities, one of which had its roots in patient support relating to IVF, an area I have knowledge and experience of. I am currently Non-Executive Director or Consultant for a number of companies.

I am a recovered patient, following heart surgery at King’s College Hospital in 2015, and I am still receiving excellent care at the Princess Royal University Hospital in the form of monitoring. One of my twin daughters is a junior doctor and my niece is a specialist physiotherapist – together they keep me well informed about the great work across the NHS.

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