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Tips for a successful interview

Your online application has ticked all the boxes; now’s your chance to tell us face to face why you’re right for the role at King’s and what experience and personals skills you will bring to the job.

Interview guidelines

  • Prepare for possible questions: we often base interview questions on the job description, person specification and the information in your application form. So make sure you are familiar with them.
  • Prepare examples: think of some examples that show how you meet the person specification criteria. Make these brief and to the point so you don’t end up giving rambling answers. If you don’t understand a question, tell us.
  • Do your research: it helps to know as much as possible about what the role involves, what goes on at the Trust and in the department you’re applying to.
  • First impressions count: think about your appearance and ensure you look smart.
  • Plan your travel arrangements: the Trust is spread over a large site so make sure you know where your interview is and leave plenty of time to get to King’s.
  • Avoid distractions: Concentrate on the interview – make sure you switch off your mobile phone!
  • Body language: make eye contact with everyone in the room but don’t overdo it. Smiling over introductions will help you to relax and ensure you appear approachable. Don’t fold your arms during the interview; it can be seen as negative and gives the impression that you’re not interested.
  • Sell your potential: concentrate on selling your skills and the experience you can bring to the role.
  • Ask questions: the interview is a two-way process, so ask the panel questions to find out whether the job is right for you. Thinking of some questions will also help to show your interest.