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Assessment centres

We use assessment centres when recruiting to some of our job roles. They are a fair and accurate way of selecting staff, because we get to see what people can do in a variety of situations.

Assessment centres use a number of techniques to evaluate your effectiveness. They enable you to demonstrate the skills and abilities needed for the role you are applying for.

We may assess you in a number of different situations including:

  • Social/informal events where you meet a variety of people, including other candidates, the selectors, recent graduates and senior managers. You get a chance to find out about us and to ask questions in a more casual setting.
  • Information sessions which provide more details about King’s and opportunities at the Trust. If you are unclear about anything, ask questions. You may find it useful to prepare questions in advance.
  • Tests and exercises designed to reveal your potential. We will measure your abilities against a set of skills and each exercise is designed to assess one or more of these areas. Don’t worry if you think you have performed badly at any stage; you are likely to get a chance to demonstrate your skills again later on. Remember: you are being assessed against these skill sets and not the other candidates. Rather than trying to compete with others, make sure you demonstrate the qualities we are looking for.

How do I prepare?

  • Know the role you applied for: your invitation pack includes the job description and personal specification. Familiarise yourself with these so you are clear about the key qualities we want.
  • Give us examples: prepare some examples that demonstrate the skills we require, either through work or after-work activities.
  • Don’t second guess: don’t try to second-guess the skills on which you are being assessed.
  • Get some rest: try to get as much rest before the day as possible as the assessment is likely to be intensive and tiring.
  • Re-read your original application: ensure you know what you’ve told us about yourself.
  • Keep informed: be aware of current issues relevant to the job or at the Trust by checking King’s website and periodicals.
  • What format? know what format any tests will take. Ask if you are not sure.
  • Practise your skills: ensure you are familiar with the skills essential to the role and on which we may test you.

What should I do at the assessment centre?

  • Do not act: be yourself.
  • Follow instructions: each task will have clear instructions and objectives. Make sure you that identify each task and sub-task that is required and do all of them. If there is anything you do not understand or are not sure of, ask the Centre Manager to explain.
  • Show your enthusiasm: tell us why you want to join King’s.
  • Be aware: assume you are being assessed at all times
  • Use your time well: take the opportunity to talk to senior staff
  • Join in: ask questions, take part in discussions – do not sit in a corner on your own.
  • Include others: don’t hog the conversation – show interest in the other candidates and what they have to say.
  • Plan your time: ensure you are aware of the time limit on any exercise and produce what was asked for in that time.
  • Don’t panic: if you feel you have made a mess of an exercise it does not mean you have failed. We are interested in your overall performance.