How are we doing?

Improving the quality of patient care is our main priority – that means listening to and acting on real concerns, such as how we talk to patients, how clean the hospital is and the quality of our food.

So, if you have been a patient at King’s College Hospital NHS Foundation Trust, we'd like to know what you think. Take part in our How Are We Doing? surveys and influence the way we deliver our care – for the better!

Online surveys

Fill in one of these surveys online.

National Audit of Care at the End of Life (NACEL) survey

As part of our ongoing goal to improve the quality of patient care, King’s College Hospital (KCH) and Princess Royal University Hospital (PRUH) are taking part in the 2019 National Audit of Care at the End of Life (NACEL).

NACEL focuses on the quality and outcomes of care experienced by those in their last admission to hospital in England and Wales. A Hospital Bereavement Survey is included as part of the audit to allow the friends and family close to the deceased person the opportunity to express their views on the care and support that was provided.

If you were a carer for someone who died at KCH or PRUH in April and May 2019, we may be in touch with the opportunity to complete the survey. This survey is completely voluntary and you do not have to complete it. If you would like to complete the survey, you'll receive instructions on how to do so. All responses will be confidential, and any information you provide will help us to improve the care and support offered to dying patients and their loved ones in the future. Data will be collected between 03 June and
11 October 2019.

If you would like more information about the survey, please go to the NACEL website.

For further information:
Email and if your query is about King’s College Hospital.
Email if your query is about Princess Royal University Hospital.

Other surveys

You can complete these surveys either in hospital or when you go home.

  • Inpatients: fill in our survey on the ward
  • Carers, relatives, friends or visitors: fill in one of our How are we doing? Comments and Suggestions cards and post it in one of the special boxes around the hospital.

What we do with your feedback

How Are We Doing? results, feedback from Complaints and PALS, and patient comments are reported every month to staff at all levels – from nurses and doctors to Governors and Commissioners – so they can decide how to make improvements.