Get involved

We want you to be a part of King’s by getting involved. Tell us what you think of the care and services we provide and contribute your skills to help us improve how we manage the Trust and shape our future.

Governors promoting rail campaign

There are many ways you can do this, such as raising funds or becoming a volunteer and helping our patients while you learn and use valuable skills.

If you want to have a say in how we are governed and to find out about the public health issues that affect King’s and our community, become a Trust Member.

Or perhaps you would like to get more involved with how we run the hospital and the local issues that affect the Trust by taking part in our groups and events or consultation projects.

We have a range of projects you can get involved in, from ongoing consultations and committees to one-off focus groups that advise our service improvement projects. You can take part even if you have only limited time or simply want to share your experiences at King's with us.

We are keen to involve as many people as possible in the work of the Trust, including patients, members of the local community and our Foundation Trust Members.

Working with you

Here are some of the ways in which people are already involved and playing their part.

Young Members
Involving young people
Students at Lambeth College, a local further education college, volunteer at King’s and take part in our Partnership Challenges as part of a programme of work with local businesses and organisations.
Helping to train staff
Our Members are helping to train King’s College London healthcare students by sharing their patient stories and experiences.
Accessibility at Denmark Hill
Foundation Trust Members played a leading role in the successful campaign to speed up work to improve disabled access at Denmark Hill railway station.
Emergency Department redesign
Patients, the public and our Members took part in focus groups as part of our consultation on the redesign of King’s Emergency Department.
Find out more about our consultation projects and campaigns.

See our Engagement and Experience Strategy 2017 - 2020 for more details.

Do you want to get involved?

Become a member of King's and you can find out the many ways you can get involved.

If you would like more information about patient and public involvement at King’s, please contact:

Patient and Public Involvement Team
Tel: 020 3299 8785