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Privacy and dignity

Patients and the public want their privacy and dignity to be respected while in hospital. We take the issue of privacy and dignity for our patients very seriously, and we have a clear policy on providing same-sex accommodation.

Single-sex accommodation is a visible affirmation of our commitment to you.

Our aim is to provide separate accommodation (sleeping areas and bathroom and toilet facilities) for women and men wherever possible. For all our inpatient wards and our day case areas where both women and men are treated, there are separate facilities for both sexes, and we work hard to ensure that you are cared for in the appropriate area.

For more information please see the Eliminating Mixed Sex Accommodation Declaration.

Privacy and dignity signs are provided for beds and patient areas which are designed to be attached to curtains or doors whilst care and treatment is carried out. These were developed after consulting with staff and patient representatives and they give a clear message to visitors to ‘ask permission’ before entering.

However, this is not all that counts.

When we are ill, we want care, rest and comfort in pleasant hospital surroundings and to know that healthcare staff do all they can to protect our privacy and dignity. Other features such as hospital cleanliness, staff attitudes and hospital food are all important. We work hard to ensure the King’s culture is one which values and respects the privacy and dignity of all.