Finding a relative or friend at King’s

We are a large hospital so to make it easier to track down your friend or relative the instructions below will help point you in the right direction.

Planned admissions

more signageIf you know the name of the ward they were admitted to you can find information on

our ward list.

If you do not know the ward name, contact King’s switchboard on 020 3299 9000 and ask for the Hambleden Wing Help Desk. Have the person’s name, address and date of birth ready as this will help us to locate them quickly.

The Hambleden Wing Help Desk is open every day, from 8am-7pm.

Emergency admissions

If your friend or relative has been brought into King’s as an emergency through the Emergency Department, call King’s switchboard who will put you through to the Emergency Department reception.

Please note: this information may not be available for the first three hours after the arrival of your friend or relative because we will be busy taking care of them. Patient care is our priority and during this time we will be stabilising and treating your friend or relative, and ensuring that they receive the highest standards of care. We will let you know their admission details as soon as we can.

If your friend or relative was admitted more than 24 hours ago, switchboard will put you through to the Help Desk.

Transfers from other hospitals

If your friend or relative is being transferred from another hospital to one of our wards, ask the transferring hospital to confirm where they are being sent. Then check where they are on our ward list.