Have Your Say

We listen to our patients and local communities to help plan and improve our services. This page lists current opportunities to share your views about proposals for service changes at the Trust.

To find out about other ways to get involved with us, see our Get Involved pages.

Current opportunities to have your say

Helipad night landings

Helipad night landings at King's College Hospital were introduced in March 2019 (see 'Previous consultations').

Following the launch of night landings, their impact on patients and the local community will be reviewed. To share your views on night landings, please fill in the helipad feedback form.

Proposed new car deck at the PRUH

PRUH - proposed new car deck

The Princess Royal University Hospital (PRUH) in Bromley serves a much larger community than when it first opened. This has led to an increased demand for parking space at the hospital and on neighbouring roads.

To address this, we have developed a proposal for a new single-level car deck, on the site of the current PRUH car park.

Our proposal will be submitted to Bromley Council for planning permission. As part of this we are keen to hear the views of people affected by the change, namely:

  • residents who live very close to the PRUH
  • patients who visit the PRUH regularly, and either use the car park or travel to the PRUH by car
  • relatives of PRUH patients who either use the car park or travel to the PRUH by car

If permission is granted, we anticipate the car deck will be installed in around 12 weeks, subject to the final design. We will undertake the ground level car park changes in phases to limit the impact.

Key features
  • The car deck will create at least 90 extra car parking spaces
  • Parking spaces on the top deck will be for staff. This will free up more space in the rest of the car park
  • The top deck will be fully accessible
  • The ground level car park will be rearranged to improve traffic flows
  • A living ‘green plant wall’ will cover the deck
  • Greenery surrounding the full car park will be improved and a new path installed
  • The existing bus stops will be updated
Have your say

If you live very close to the PRUH, or travel to the PRUH regularly as a patient or visitor, please send any comments about the proposal to:

Previous consultations

Helipad night landings - initial consultation (March 2019)

We responded to individual questions raised via the consultation and the feedback was used to shape our planning application submitted to Lambeth Council.

Permission was granted to extend the operating hours of the helipad at King's College Hospital, Denmark Hill. Air ambulances can now land at night as well as during daylight hours. The new development will ensure patients receive the same level of timely care 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Designing heart and lung care – now and in the future (January 2019)

Since November 2017, King’s Health Partners (KHP) have been working with the Royal Brompton & Harefield NHS Foundation Trust on proposals to change how care and treatment is provided for adults and children with heart and lung disease.

More than 100 patients, carers and representatives of charities attended events held at three hospital sites, with their feedback helping to inform the ongoing development of the partnership’s proposals. They brought a wide range of helpful insights and views to the discussion. For more information, read the full report on the findings from the patient and public engagement activities.

Denmark Hill station redevelopment (2013)

After several years of campaigning alongside our Governors, Members and local elected representatives, a £6.3 million investment was secured to improve Denmark Hill station, including:

  • a new footbridge
  • lifts to all platforms
  • a new ticket office on the Champion Park side of the station.

Public transport

The Trust regularly works with local community groups and other organisations to improve public transport links to our hospitals.

In the past, this has included campaigning to save the South London Line (SLL). While the train service was withdrawn, Transport for London (TfL) reviewed the service in response to our campaigning and introduced a more frequent service between Clapham Junction and Surrey Quays.

The Trust continues to link in with Network Rail and TfL to ensure that local transport needs for patients, visitors and staff are considered when planning any future changes to train services and facilities.