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Initial planning

Even before you start filling in applications forms, there are a number of issues you need to consider.

Contacting the Research Office in the first instance ensures you will have support through the key stages of planning your research. If you have not carried out key steps such as getting correct approvals to carry out your study, you will not be able to proceed. Completed research will not be approved retrospectively.

Our Research Facilitators are able to advise and help with your initial planning and make sure that all requirements are in place before you submit your project for a governance review. In this initial stage they can help you address the following areas:

Is your project research and what type is it?

For studies to be sponsored by King’s College Hospital, the HRA Decision Tool will help you establish whether your project is research, an audit or a service evaluation. You can use the decision table to further define your research type. These categories determine the approvals required to undertake your project in the Trust.

Developing a protocol

A protocol acts as an instruction manual for your particular study. It describes the approach that will be taken and how it will address a specific research question, in a rigorous and consistent manner. It will help ensure results are of high quality, and that data is reproducible. Contact the Research Office for specific templates to develop the protocol for your type of study.

All protocols must be peer reviewed. If you are applying for a grant then this will be part of the application process.

If you are setting up and funding your own study then you may need your department to undertake a peer review. There are a number of Research Governance Meetings within the Trust that encompass peer review and feasibility. Please contact the Research Office for information.