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This section gives you the latest news about our work and achievements. It also provides guidance and contact details for media enquiries.

#NewProfilePic for December 2023

Every month, a different staff member will be our #NewProfilePic on social media

Stories from the frontline: Natasha Lewis

24 February 2021 - Here’s Natasha’s story on her first day and experience so far after being redeployed as Dental Nurse

SIREN study shows encouraging results

23 February 2021 - Single dose of Pfizer-BioNtech vaccine provides high levels of protection against COVID-19 infection

Stories from the frontline: Belinda Dela Cruz

22 February 2021 - Belinda tells us about her redeployment into the PRUH Emergency Department

One year on: Reflections of working through the pandemic

16 February 2021 - Last year we spoke to nurse Sarah Dheansa about being redeployed to a Covid ward. A year into the pandemic we caught up again

Stories from the frontline: Florence Sambile

12 February 2021 - Florence tells us about her role and how PRUH Operating Theatres have adapted during the pandemic

Keep in touch: Letters to Loved Ones email service

10 February 2021 - Keep in touch with friends or relatives in hospital by using the Letters to Loved Ones email service

Sharing stories on World Cancer Day 2021: Irina Belun-Vieira

03 February 2021 - Our Head of Nursing Cancer at King's tells us why World Cancer Day matters

Sharing stories on World Cancer Day 2021: Mr Christian Brown

03 February 2021 - To mark World Cancer Day, we spoke to Mr Christian Brown, Consultant Urologist at King's

Stories from the frontline: Donna Corey

03 February 2021 - Donna tells us about her redeployment from dentistry onto Mary Ray and Cotton Wards

Vaccine volunteers help the fight against COVID-19

03 February 2021 - Retired nurse, Jane Rossi, is giving up her time to help protect local people against COVID-19

Vaccine roll-out at King’s College Hospital

01 February 2021 - King's College Hospital is inviting patients and other priority groups to take up the offer of a vaccine.

Stories from the frontline: Angel Ricasata

28 January 2021 - Angel tells us about her redeployment into the Programmed Investigation Unit

Stories from the frontline: Sally Khawaja

28 January 2021 - Sally talks about her redeployment into critical care and how the team supported her with her disability

Stories from the frontline: Tom Young

27 January 2021 - We hear from Tom, a senior charge nurse in our Paediatric Emergency Department

Stories from the frontline: Rachael Healy

25 January 2021 - Continuing with our staff frontline stories, we hear from Rachael Healy, who was redeployed to our Critical Care Unit (CCU)