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A more seamless healthcare experience for King’s patients

14 July 2022 - The London Care Records enables secure data sharing between London health and care services to enhance patient care

King’s is enhancing the care provided to patients by using a record sharing system to ensure patients receive more joined up care.

The London Care Record allows doctors, nurses and other clinicians at King’s to access test/scan results carried out at other London hospitals, view medication prescribed in other health settings, and see other important clinical information about their patients via a shared health record.

Health and social care services have a duty to keep complete, accurate and up-to-date information about patients’ treatment and care. At times, hospitals and GP practices need to share patients’ medical information with other NHS services to ensure patients receive the best possible care, and avoid unnecessarily repeating tests and scans, saving the NHS both time and money.

The Local Care Record, has been doing this for a number of years by putting in place a secure way of sharing information electronically between local health professionals across Bexley, Bromley, Greenwich, Lambeth, Lewisham and Southwark to benefit approximately two million people. Now the London Care Record will enable health and care professionals across the Capital to view relevant health information about their patients.

A doctor working in the Emergency Department at the Evelina Children’s Hospital commented on the benefits of using the London Care Record: “Whilst working during a weekend, I received a call that a child with kidney failure and complications was going to be transferred from King’s College Hospital to the Evelina Children’s Hospital. When I didn’t receive a further call, I looked up the patient on the London Care Record. This confirmed that the boy was currently in intensive care at King’s under general anaesthetic.

“I therefore made arrangements for the patient to be transferred to the Evelina where he could receive the most appropriate care for his condition.

“Once the boy was transferred, the paediatric team at the Evelina used the shared care record again to get a good picture of his care at King’s.

“The use of the shared care record helped to avoid confusion and ensured that our young patient was transferred to the best place for his care needs.”

For more information on the London Care Record visit the London Care Record webpage, and the London Care Record – Frequently Asked Questions webpage.