We are experiencing disruption to pathology services across our hospitals – particularly blood tests
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Turnaround times for samples

In May 2021, the Department of Clinical Neuropathology became part of an NHS/industry joint venture. The laboratory operations are now under the management of Synnovis LLP (a partnership between Guy’s and St Thomas’ and King’s College Hospital NHS Foundation Trusts, and SYNLAB UK & Ireland).

Timings listed are for an ‘average’ case. Cases that are difficult to diagnose will take longer, as more tests will be needed.

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Specimen type Number of working days Target of % within turnaround time
CSF cytology 2 95
Brain biopsies (surgical) 5 (2 if no special stains required) 95
Pituitary biopsies 4 95
Epilepsy surgery 15 95
Muscle biopsies 10 (main report) 95
Nerve biopsies 5 (paraffin) / 20 (semi-thin resin) 95 / 90
Skin biopsies (IENFD test) 20 (biopsies are batch processed) 90
Bone biopsies Depends on how long it takes to decalcify specimen (usually within 5 days once decalcified) 90
Other biopsies 5 (2 if no special stains required) 80
1p19q deletion 15-20 from when request issued 90
PCR/Molecular tests 10 from when request issued 90
Electron microscopy 30 from when request issued 90
Autopsy general report 5 90
Autopsy macro report 30 90
Autopsy histology (micro) 60 90