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Thrombosis and haemostasis

What we do

Our service leads the UK in the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of venous thromboembolism (VTE).

We diagnose and treat conditions including:

  • venous thrombosis such as deep vein thrombosis (DVT) and pulmonary embolism (PE)
  • thrombophilias including genetic thrombophilia and acquired conditions such as antiphospholipid syndrome (APS)
  • thrombocytosis, thrombocytopaenia and polycythaemia.
  • suspected bleeding disorders.

We offer fast assessment of patients with suspected DVTs, usually seeing them the day they are referred. We aim to make a diagnosis within two hours and have patients needing treatment home within four hours.

As part of our high-quality, patient-centred service, we have an extensive research programme. Current projects include:

  • improving outcomes after DVT
  • examining how thrombophilia (a condition where blood clots too easily) affects miscarriage
  • learning the lessons from thrombosis brought on by hospital stays.


Ground floor, Cheyne Wing, King’s College Hospital, Denmark Hill, London, SE5 9RS

Contact Details

Patient information leaflets

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Preventing blood clots (VTE) in pregnancy720 KB

Conditions we treat

Our service has various clinics covering the following conditions:

  • thrombophilia
  • antiphospholipid syndrome (APS)
  • thrombocytosis
  • thrombocytopaenia
  • polycythaemia
  • suspected bleeding disorders.

Our DVT service has become a template for innovation and good practice. Patients are referred for rapid assessment of suspected DVT and are usually seen on the day of referral in a nurse-led clinic. They are anticoagulated and undergo in-house individualised risk factor assessment, thrombophilia testing and cancer screening. Time to diagnosis is now under two hours and patients requiring treatment are home within four hours. We also operate an early-discharge PE service.

King’s Thrombosis Centre carries out extensive translational research to ensure it continues delivering a high-quality patient-centred service. Current projects include:

  • defining and improving outcomes after DVT
  • characterising the prothrombotic state in obesity
  • optimising low molecular weight heparin regimens in pregnancy
  • defining the role of thrombophilia in pregnancy loss
  • characterising the prothrombotic state after stroke
  • examining haemostatic abnormalities in liver disease
  • learning the lessons from hospital-associated thrombosis.

For details of King’s College Hospital NHS Foundation Trust’s clinical diagnostic pathology service, visit Synnovis.

Booking a patient at King’s

Routine Referrals

GPs should refer via NHS e-referral (e-RS) wherever possible.

DVT fast-track service

We accept referrals Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm. Tel: 07623 901 822 and quote call sign ‘DVT1’. The DVT nurse will call you back (usually within 15 minutes) to discuss whether the referral is appropriate and to give you the patient’s appointment time.

Once accepted, referrals must be made in writing. Patients can bring their referral with them or they can be emailed to [email protected]

Outside of these hours, patients should go to the emergency department with a referral letter.

Anticoagulation clinic

Call 020 3299 5553 and email the referral confirmation to: [email protected]. Calls between 9am to 4pm will be dealt with on the same day; calls after 4pm will be dealt with on the next working day.

Other thrombosis and haemostasis disorders

Contact Haematology Clinic Reception on 020 3299 5554.

Emergency Referrals

For emergency referrals, contact the individual consultants’ secretary or haematology SpR listed under the Key Clinical Staff tab.

For urgent referrals, please contact the individual consultants’ secretary listed under the Key Clinical Staff tab.

Other Queries

For advice, guidance or routine referrals, please contact the Haematology Outpatients Department.
Tel: 020 3299 3334

Key Clinical Staff

Name Role
Mr Loizos Georgiou Clinical Nurse Specialist
Miss Jemma Johns Consultant Obstetrician and Gynaecologist
Mr Kwesi Kittoe Senior Coagulation Nurse Specialist
Dr Raj Patel Consultant Haematologist, Coagulation