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What we do

To protect our patients, staff and the community during the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak, we have made changes to our services.

Emergency Eye Service

Our video emergency eye service is currently unavailable. We are working to get this back up and running as soon as possible.

In the meantime:

If these options are not suitable, please attend your local urgent treatment centre or emergency department.

Patients already under the care of the King’s Ophthalmology team with urgent queries can also contact us using the details below.

Services for our existing patients

The King’s College Hospital NHS Foundation Trust Ophthalmology team see patients at:

  • King’s College Hospital
  • Queen Mary’s Hospital, Sidcup
  • Orpington Hospital

If you have a minor eye problem please contact the South East London Minor Eye Conditions Service.

Mobile diagnostics unit

To reduce waiting times in the clinic, we have set up a mobile diagnostics unit. The unit is open Monday to Friday, from 8.30am to 5pm and is based in the old car park on Bessemer Road.

Glaucoma, neuro-ophthalmic and medical retina patients can have eye tests carried out by technicians in the unit. You will not see a doctor at the unit but all images will be reviewed virtually. If, following the review of the images, it is decided you do need to see a doctor, we will schedule a follow-up appointment in the clinic.


Second floor, Normanby Building, King’s College Hospital, Denmark Hill, London, SE5 9RS

Contact Details

Ophthalmology Department: 020 3299 0443

The telephone line is open Monday to Friday, 8am to 4pm

Patient information leaflets

TitleFile SizeLink
Blepharitis140 KB

Conditions we treat

We diagnose and treat a wide range of eye conditions, including:

  • cataract – congenital and acquired
  • glaucoma
  • uveitis and other inflammatory eye conditions
  • lid abnormalities and lumps and bumps
  • diabetic retinopathy
  • age-related macular degeneration
  • retinal vein and artery occlusions
  • genetic retinal disorders
  • retinal detachments
  • squints
  • double vision
  • corneal infections
  • conjunctivitis
  • ophthalmic trauma
  • low vision
  • difficult contact lens problems
  • dry eyes
  • neuro-ophthalmology problems.

What is required before referring a patient

Referral notes from optometrist where available.

Medical history and drugs.

Advise patients not to drive to their appointments, because they may need investigations involving dilation, which will blur their vision and makes it difficult to see in sunlight.

Booking a patient at King’s

Routine Referrals

Please consider if the condition can be dealt with by the South East London Minor Eye Conditions Service.

Refer to King’s using NHS e-referral (e-RS) wherever possible. If you do not have access to e-RS, send referral instructions to the patient’s GP, who can refer them to the hospital eye service.

Emergency Referrals

For urgent referrals, including uveitis and retinal detachments, acute medical conditions and neuro-ophthalmology problems, use NHS e-Referral and state that the referral is urgent.

For emergency referrals:

Daytime – contact the Early Referral Service triage nurse, tel 020 3299 3878.

After hours – contact the 2nd on-call ophthalmic registrar via King’s main switchboard, tel 020 3299 9000.

Or send the patient direct to the Emergency Department.

Other Queries

For all other queries and advice, contact the Ophthalmology Delivery Manager on 020 3299 1845.

Referral forms

TitleFile SizeLink
Ophthalmology Rapid Eye Service referral form650 KB

Key Clinical Staff

Name Role
Mr Mohammed Abu-Bakra Consultant Ophthalmologist - Glaucoma
Mr Wagih Aclimandos Consultant Ophthalmologist - Paediatrics
Dr Faran Afzal Specialty Doctor - Ophthalmology
Dr Laya Alkhazaraji Specialty Doctor - Ophthalmology
Mr John Bladen Consultant Ophthalmologist - Oculoplastics
Mr Howard Bunting Consultant Ophthalmologist - Paediatrics
Dr Suba Dhananjayan Specialty Doctor - Ophthalmology
Mr Haralabos Eleftheriadis Consultant Ophthalmologist - Retina
Mr Tahir Farooq Consultant Ophthalmologist - Oculoplastics
Jennifer Frimpong Sister, Queen Mary's Hospital, Sidcup
Ms Lanu Fu Consultant Ophthalmologist - Emergency Care
Miss Kate Garrott Senior Clinical Nurse Specialist - Medical Retina
Mr Wafik Gebrial Associate Specialist - Ophthalmology
Mrs Thanu Gino Matron - King's College Hospital
Dr Anandathirtha Gopinath Specialty Doctor - Ophthalmology
Miss Anna Grabowska Consultant Ophthalmologist - Vitreoretinal Surgery
Mr Sami Habal Consultant Ophthalmologist - Vitreoretinal Surgery
Mr Jamil Hakim Consultant Ophthalmologist - Paediatrics
Mrs Zoha Hameed Consultant Ophthalmologist - Retina
Gillian Harding Deputy Head of Optical Services - Southern Sites
Ms Emma Hollick Consultant Ophthalmologist - Cornea
Miss Chinedu Igwe Consultant Ophthalmologist - Glaucoma
Mr Luca Ilari Consultant Ophthalmologist - Cornea
Prof Tim Jackson Consultant Ophthalmologist - Vitreoretinal Surgery
Garth Johnson Head of Optical Services, King's College Hospital
Miss Sophie Jones Consultant Ophthalmologist - Cornea and Trauma
Mr Obeda Kailani Consultant Ophthalmologist - Glaucoma
Mr Maan Kasmiya Consultant Ophthalmologist, Retina
Dr Sharon Kerr Associate Specialist - Ophthalmology
Dr Sheena Koshy Associate Specialist - Ophthalmology
Mr Avi Kulkarni Consultant Ophthalmologist - Glaucoma
Chloe Lafferty Head of Optical Services - Southern Sites
Mr Gerassimos Lascaratos Consultant Ophthalmologist - Glaucoma
Mr Dominic McHugh Consultant Ophthalmologist - Vitreoretinal Surgery
Mr Jim McHugh Consultant Ophthalmologist - Neuro
Miss Neda Minakaran Consultant Ophthalmologist - Uvietis
Dr Sandhya Nair Specialty Doctor - Ophthalmology
Prema Nair Deputy Head of Optical Services, King's College Hospital
Dr Eoin O'Sullivan Clinical Director; Consultant Ophthalmologist - Neuro
Miss Madalina Pavel Consultant Ophthalmologist - Glaucoma
Miss Lucia Pelosini Consultant Ophthalmologist - Cornea
Mr Edward Pringle Consultant Ophthalmologist - Vitreoretinal Surgery
Mrs Emma Richardson Consultant Ophthalmologist - Retina
Miss Fiona Robinson Consultant Ophthalmologist - Oculoplastics
Dr Aida Sese Specialty Doctor - Ophthalmology
Dr Lazha Sharief Consultant Ophthalmologist - Retina
Dr Jamil Sharif Associate Specialist - Ophthalmology
Dr Simona Springer Associate Specialist - Ophthalmology
Mrs Sonja Taylor Head of Nursing Ophthalmology
Mr Manickam Thiagarajan Consultant Ophthalmologist - Retina
Mr Sameer Trikha Consultant Ophthalmologist - Glaucoma
Mrs Elizabeth Tsianta Consultant Ophthalmologist - Retina
Milka Zagorcheva Matron - Southern Sites