Your cancer team

Clinical staff in group discussion on ward

Your care will be provided by a group of experts called a multidisciplinary team (MDT). This is a group of doctors, nurses and other health professionals specialising in treating your cancer.

They discuss and manage your care and plan the treatment that’s best for you. They will keep you involved in treatment choices and decisions about your care.

Your team may include a:

  • clinical nurse specialist (CNS) who is often your key worker as well
  • physician who specialises in diagnosing your type of cancer
  • oncologists - doctors who specialise in chemotherapy (medical oncologist) or radiotherapy (clinical oncologist)
  • surgeon who specialises in your type of cancer
  • radiologist who is a specialist in x-rays and other types of scan and helps with diagnosing cancer
  • pathologist, a doctor who studies body tissues and helps with diagnosing cancer
  • palliative care doctor who specialises in easing or relieving cancer symptoms

Each team has an MDT co-ordinator who may call you to invite you for a scan or another type of test or investigation. They work with the MDT and other organisations to make sure they have all the information and test results needed to review your case.

Our MDTs also work closely with local community services including your GP (home doctor), the nurses at your GP practice, social workers and other support teams to make sure your care continues smoothly throughout your treatment.