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HIV Research Centre

King’s College Hospital is the UK’s leading research centre for HIV-related kidney disease.

Our main research interests include:

  • the clinical epidemiology, genetic basis, and management of kidney disease in the setting of HIV, particularly in people of African ancestry
  • the effects of antiretroviral medicine on kidneys and bone.

Clinical trials

LAPTOP (Late Presenter Treatment Optimisation Study; NEAT44)

Compares two antiretroviral treatments (Symtuza and Biktarvy) as initial treatments in patients with advanced HIV (AIDS or low CD4 count).

PIBIK (Protease Inhibitor to BIKtarvy switch study)

Investigates the effect of Biktarvy in people with zidovudine or stavudine resistance mutations.

Observational studies

CKD Study

A cohort study to assess the determinants of cardiovascular disease, kidney disease and diabetes in people of African ancestry with HIV.


A cohort study of people with and without HIV to investigate the effects of HIV on ageing and age-related illnesses.

Funding sources

  • Guy’s and St Thomas’ Charity
  • Medical Research Council (UK)
  • National Institute for Health Research
  • Industry: Gilead Sciences, ViiV Healthcare, Merck

Contact details

Dr Frank Post, HIV research lead
Lucy Campbell, Research Manager

Tel: 020 7848 5776
Email: [email protected]

Recent publications

  1. Bone mineral density, kidney function, weight gain and insulin resistance in women who switch from TDF/FTC/NNRTI to ABC/3TC/DTG
    Ibrahim F, Samarawickrama A, Hamzah L, Vincent R, Gilleece Y, Waters L, Kegg S, Barbini B, Campbell L, Post FA
  2. Sleep disorders in human immunodeficiency virus: a substudy of the pharmacokinetics and clinical observations in people over fifty (POPPY) study
    Kunisaki KM, De Francesco D, Sabin CA, Winston A, Mallon PWG, Anderson J, Bagkeris E, Boffito M, Doyle N, Haddow L, Post FA, Sachikonye M, Vera J, Khalil W, Redline S, for the POPPY study
  3. Estimated glomerular filtration rate (eGFR) slopes on tenofovir alafenamide
    Ibrahim F, Campbell L, Bailey AC, Stockwell S, Waters L, Orkin C, Johnson M, Gompels M, De Burgh-Thomas A, Jones R, Schembri G, Mallon PW, Post FA
  4. Comorbidity indices in persons with HIV and considerations for COVID-19 outcomes
    Winston A, De Francesco D, Post F, Boffito M, Vera J, Williams I, Anderson J, Mallon PWG, Sabin CA; POPPY Study Group
  5. Emtricitabine and tenofovir alafenamide vs emtricitabine and tenofovir disoproxil fumarate
    Mayer K, Molina J-M, Thompson MA, Anderson PL, Mounzer KC, De Wet JJ, DeJesus E, Jessen H, Grant RM, Ruane PJ, Wong P, Ebrahimi R, Zhong L, Mathias A, Callebaut C, Collins SE, Das M, McCallister S, Brainard DM, Brinson C, Clarke A, Coll P, Post FA, Hare CB
  6. The development and cognitive testing of the Positive Outcomes HIV PROM: a brief novel patient-reported outcome measure for adults living with HIV
    Bristowe K, Murtagh FEM, Clift P, James R, Josh J, Platt M, Whetham J, Nixon E, Post FA, McQuillan K, Cheallaigh CN, Kall M, Anderson J, Sullivan AK, Harding R
  7. Associations between widespread pain and sleep quality in people with HIV
    Sabin CA, Harding R, Doyle N, Redline S, Francesco D, Mallon PW, Post FA, Boffito M, Sachikonye M, Geressu A, Winston A, Kunisaki KM
  8. Factors associated with obesity in the Pharmacokinetic and Clinical Observations in People over Fifty (POPPY) cohort: an observational cross-sectional analysis
    Savinelli S, De Francesco D, Feeney ER, Babalis D, Bagkeris E, Post FA, Boffito M, Williams I, Vera J, Johnson M, Anderson J, Sachikonye M, Winston A, Sabin C, Mallon P
  9. Early safety of tenofovir alafenamide in patients with a history of tubulopathy on tenofovir disoproxil fumarate: a randomized controlled clinical trial
    Hamzah L, Williams D2, Bailey AC, Jones R, Ibrahim F, Musso CG, Burling K, Barbini B, Campbell L, Post FA; Fanconi-Tenofovir Alafenamide trial team
  10. Weight gain following initiation of antiretroviral therapy: risk factors in randomized comparative clinical trials
    Sax PE, Erlandson KM, Lake JE, McComsey GA, Orkin C, Esser S, Brown TT, Rockstroh JK, Wei X, Carter CC, Zhong L, Brainard DM, Melbourne K, Das M, Stellbrink HJ, Post FA, Waters L, Koethe JR