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#NewProfilePic for January 2022

05 January 2022 - Every month, a different member of staff will be our #NewProfilePic on social media.

Our new staff profile for January 2022 is Freddie Bennett, a Team Lead Physiotherapist in Musculoskeletal (MSK) Outpatients, based in our new facility, Coldharbour Works, located near King’s College Hospital.

Freddie has been working at King’s for five years, helping patients restore movement and function when affected by injury, illness, or disability. He said, “I assess and treat patients with a variety of musculoskeletal conditions ranging from post-operative anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) reconstructions, to persistent lower back pain. The assessment and rehabilitation will be patient-specific and thus will vary depending on their current presentation and their desired goals.”

“I enjoy my role at King’s as it allows me to remain clinical by seeing patients, and also allows me to help drive forward service changes that result in widespread improvements to the service.”

Looking back at 2021, Freddie shared: “I’m proud of how the team has been incredibly flexible and resilient in the past couple of years despite the constant changes because of COVID-19, and moving sites. They have consistently risen to challenges, whilst ensuring patients always receive the excellent care they deserve.”

As we begin 2022, we asked Freddie how people can start the year positively by looking after their musculoskeletal system. He said: “By making small changes to your daily activities, you can gradually become fitter and more active, which will often have a positive knock-on effect on your mental health.”

The New Year has also brought the recent move of our outpatient physiotherapy, musculoskeletal, and routine hand therapy services to Coldharbour Works. The new building is designed to meet the specific needs of the thousands of patients a month who currently receive therapy care at King’s. Freddie said: “The move to Coldharbour Works has given the team the space that we so desperately needed and will hopefully be enjoyed for years to come.”

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