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Harris Birthright Centre

What we do

The Harris Birthright Centre is a leading clinical unit and research centre for the assessment and treatment of unborn babies, caring for more than 10,000 patients each year. We see most patients within an hour of their arrival but the waiting time may sometimes be longer.

We routinely offer two ultrasound scans during pregnancy: one at 11-14 weeks and one between 20-23 weeks (the mid-pregnancy scan). Please print and complete the Scanning form and bring it with you when you come for your scan. You do not need to have a full bladder for these scans.

Preparing for your appointment

You do not need to have a full bladder for the antenatal scans.


Second Floor, Fetal Medicine Research Institute, 16-20 Windsor Walk, SE5 8BB

Contact Details

We offer:

  • screening and prenatal diagnosis of fetal abnormalities
  • fetal medicine
  • fetal cardiology
  • screening for abnormalities, such as Down’s syndrome and treatment of Rhesus disease
  • nuchal translucency scanning
  • CVS
  • amniocentesis
  • fetal blood sampling
  • embryo reduction
  • treatment of twin transfusion syndrome
  • insertion of shunts
  • fetal intrauterine transfusion
  • miscarriage clinic
  • surgical clinic
  • renal clinic
  • psychotherapy service.

Booking a patient at King’s

Routine Referrals

For routine appointments call 020 3299 3246 and choose option 3, then option 1.

Emergency Referrals

For urgent (in the next 24 hours) appointments, call 020 3299 3246,  and choose option 3, then option 2.

Other Queries

For advice and guidance, call 020 3299 3246, choose option 3, then option 1.

Key Clinical Staff

Name Role
Dr Nick Kametas Consultant in Maternal-Fetal Medicine and Obstetrics
Prof Kypros Nicolaides Director of Harris Birthright Centre and Consultant in Fetal Medicine
Dr Daniela Paraschiv Maternal Fetal Medicine Consultant
Dr Panicos Shangaris Clinical Senior Lecturer and Consultant in Maternal and Fetal Medicine
Dr Argyro Syngelaki Specialist Consultant Midwife in Fetal Medicine and Honorary Senior Lecturer
Miss Meekai To Consultant in fetal medicine and obstetrics
Miss Alison Whitwham Matron
Dr Vita Zidere Consultant Fetal Cardiologist
Dr Nurit Zosmer Associate Specialist in Early Pregnancy and Fetal Medicine