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Prof Michael Samuel

Consultant Neurologist / Co Lead King’s Deep Brain Stimulation Service / KCL Block Lead for MBBS Cognition Movement Senses

Year Qualified
BA Physiological Sciences (Class I), BMBCH, MD, FRCP, QESP II

Special Interests

  • Botulinum Toxin
  • Deep brain stimulation
  • Medical education
  • Movement disorders


Dr Samuel is a Consultant Neurologist with specialist interest in movement disorders, deep brain stimulation and botulinum toxin. His private practice is based in the Guthrie Clinic at King’s College Hospital London, where he was appointed in 2002.

His formal training took place in the UK (Oxford University, Newcastle upon Tyne, Royal College of Physicians) and he completed the Movement Disorders Fellowship in Ontario, Canada in 2002. Following this, he was appointed as Consultant Neurologist by East Kent Hospitals University NHS Trust / King’s College Hospital NHS Foundation Trust in 2002.

Dr Samuel is Co-lead of the UK National Deep Brain Stimulation Network for movement disorders, Research Fellow and Clinical Fellow Supervisor. He is Principle Investigator for Parkinson’s disease studies at King’s College Hospital.

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