Tongue tie

What we do

We treat babies aged eight days to 26 weeks who have a condition called tongue-tie. This means they have a tight piece of skin between the underside of their tongue and the floor of their mouth that makes it difficult for them to breastfeed.

We carry out a small operation which releases their tongue and allows them to latch on and breastfeed properly.

Babies are referred to us by their breastfeeding specialist. They can also be referred by their GP, but they must first be assessed by your breastfeeding specialist.

For details of your breastfeeding specialist, please see the inside cover of your baby Red Book.


First floor, Caldecot Centre, 15-22 Caldecot Road, London, SE5 9RS

Contact Details

  • Main Reception: +44 (0)20 3299 6550

Patient Information Leaflets

Conditions we treat

We treat tongue-tie in infants aged eight days to 26 weeks that is causing breastfeeding difficulties.

Patients must be prepared correctly. Please follow the checklist on our referral form (below). Referrers should use this form for all referrals.

We accept NHS or CCG referral from breastfeeding specialists including lactation consultants, infant feeding advisers and breastfeeding counsellors.

GP or hospital consultant referrals need to be accompanied by a breastfeeding specialist’s assessment and review of the baby’s breastfeeding.

We do not treat babies:

  • with teeth
  • that are exclusively bottle-fed
  • for speech problems.

What is required before referring a patient

Please follow the instructions detailed on the referral form.

Booking a patient at King's

Routine Referrals

Complete the referral form below and email it to Please ensure you comply with the referral criteria.

Emergency Referrals

We do not offer an emergency service. However, appropriately prepared patients can be seen within seven working days.

Other Queries

For referrals advice, contact the Paediatric Surgery Office, tel: 020 3299 6550

Referral Forms

Please complete the relevant form and note any pre-consultation investigations required:

Key Clinical Staff

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Mr Shailesh Patel Consultant Paediatric Surgeon