Acute Dental Care Service changes

To improve the experience of people who need to use our acute dental care service we are making some changes.

What is changing and why?

On Monday 12 August 2019 the service will change from a walk-in clinic to an appointment clinic. Appointments will be same-day and bookable by phone.

This means that if you need urgent dental care you won’t have to travel to see us and then wait for an appointment on arrival. Instead you will call in advance to make an appointment. This way you will know immediately whether we can see you, you won’t have to make an unnecessary journey and you can plan your visit into your day.

How will I book an appointment?

Monday to Friday from Monday 12 August 2019, if you think you have an urgent dental problem that we treat, call us from 8am. A member of our team will ask you questions to assess your needs and tell you if we can help. If we can help, we will offer you an appointment for that afternoon.

Once our appointment slots for that day are filled, you can either:

  • call us again the next day
  • or call NHS 111 for information on other urgent and emergency dental services, including out-of-hours.

Further information

If you have questions about the changes, call the Acute Dental Care Service on 020 3299 3052.