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Robotic surgery first at King’s College Hospital

23 May 2023 - A state of the art robotic surgery system is now in operation at King’s

The first robotic surgical procedure to be performed at King’s College Hospital has been successfully completed, with many more patients to benefit from the latest technology.

Following an investment of £1 million from King’s College Hospital Charity, the Trust’s first Robot Assisted Surgical System (RAS) is now helping to treat urology and colorectal cancer patients. Robotic assisted procedures are carried out by a surgeon sat at a special console connected to a robot which is designed to mimic the surgeon’s hand movements, enabling them to perform delicate procedures.

Mr Azhar Khan, Consultant Urological Surgeon at King’s College Hospital, explained: “Robotic surgery is extremely advanced, leading to better outcomes for cancer patients. The benefits to patients include shorter hospital stays, reduced pain, faster recovery and reduced blood loss. The system is also faster and more precise than standard laparoscopic surgery, and it will help us reduce waiting times and decrease the need for open surgery.”

Mr Amyn Haji, Clinical Director in Surgery at King’s College Hospital, added: “Robotic surgery will help King’s attract and retain the very best surgeons, push the boundaries of ground-breaking healthcare, and provide our patients with outstanding care.”

King’s College Hospital Charity Chief Executive, Gail Scott-Spicer, said: “We are thrilled to be supporting this project, which will make such a difference to patient experience and bring the best care and treatment to more people in King’s community, especially those who are frail and have complex conditions.”