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#NewProfilePic for December 2023

01 December 2023 - Every month, a different staff member will be our #NewProfilePic on social media

Our staff profile for December 2023 features Jo Alderson, Lead Midwife for Education and Workforce at King’s. Jo has been at King’s for 25 years since joining in 1998! She said: “The main reason I like working at King’s is the diverse communities that we serve, but also the range of different job opportunities that there are within maternity.”

What sets your role apart for both you and the patients you care for?

“I currently work in a non-clinical role so I don’t have direct patient contact. However, my role is special to me as I lead work to support our maternity colleagues through training and development which in turn has an impact on our women and birthing people.”

Any memorable moments you’ve experienced at work? 

“I’ve worked in many roles since I’ve been at King’s, but my heart belongs to community midwifery. Many years ago I was a Homebirth Midwife which was so incredibly special to me. All these years later as I travel through the local area I still remember the women and families I cared for in their homes.

“I feel so privileged to have been witness to such an important part of each families’ lives. My other passion has been education, from my days as a mentor to working within the education team. It is so wonderful to watch our student midwives develop throughout their training to become registered midwives and then see their careers develop too. I’m so proud of them all!! 

This month sees Christmas celebrationsso what does this month look like in the Maternity Service and for new parents? 

“December always feels like a busy month in maternity services! But the teams in each area always manage to create a seasonal atmosphere by decorating, and finding different ways to celebrate together. It really brings the festive spirit to each other and for our new parents.”

What is the best thing about working as a Midwife at King’s during Christmas?

“I have a beautiful memory of a Christmas Eve homebirth and also doing postnatal home visits across the Christmas period. There’s something really joyful about stepping in and out of family homes seeing how everyone celebrates the holiday season in their own traditional way.”

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