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#NewProfilePic for April 2024

01 April 2024 - Every month, a different member of staff will be our #NewProfilePic on social media

This April, we’re reintroducing Monica Abor, Matron at King’s, who welcomes visitors to our website and shines in our #NewProfilePic.

Monica Abor, a dedicated Flow Matron at King’s College Hospital, shares her journey with us.

How did you first become involved with King’s College Hospital? 

“I did all my nursing placements here at King’s. I completed my nursing degree in 2014 and continued working here as a haematology nurse. However, I always admired the profession of midwifery and decided to explore it further. After studying midwifery, I returned to King’s College Hospital, drawn by its supportive environment and recognition of my talents. Since returning in 2016, I have been supported tremendously as a midwife, with the Trust recognising and nurturing my potential. Now, as a flow and safety matron, I continue to serve the hospital that has always felt like home and has believed in my abilities from the beginning.”

Can you tell us more about your role as Flow Matron at King’s College Hospital?

“As the Flow and Safety Matron, I lead a team of senior midwives whose responsibility is to ensure the seamless operation of the entire maternity unit, encompassing both inpatient and outpatient services.”

What do you enjoy about your role and working at King’s?

“I cherish my role because it allows me to engage in both the managerial aspects of midwifery and hands-on clinical care for women, which is the primary motivation behind my career choice. The joy of assisting in bringing new life into the world is immensely satisfying. Every day at King’s presents new learning opportunities, especially with our diverse patient population. Serving such a community is truly humbling and enriching for my career.”

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