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New operating theatre to open at Orpington Hospital

17 December 2021 - We are in the process of constructing a new state-of-the-art operating theatre at Orpington Hospital

The operating theatre and recovery suite will mean that our staff can carry out several hundred more orthopaedic procedures each year, reducing waiting times for people who need surgery for knee and hip replacements, and other procedures.

The additional theatre capacity will benefit people living locally, as well as people living across South East London, as we continue to work with partners to provide joined-up care across the region.

This is a fantastic addition to our services at Orpington Hospital, and King’s remains committed to improving care across all our sites.

The new operating theatre will be single storey high and fitted with new specialist equipment. There will be three patient recovery bays, as well as staff changing facilities. The floorplan is specifically designed to keep noise transfer from corridors and other rooms and externally to a minimum, reducing disturbance during patient recovery.

The building will be a modular construction which is more sustainable, and is better for the environment. The steel used has at least 25% recycled content and as the whole unit was built in an off-site factory – before being delivered and fitted together at the hospital – 90% of the waste produced was also able to be recycled.

Over the Christmas period, the operating theatre will be fitted out and the new equipment installed. It will be available to patients from Spring 2022.

For more information, please contact our Stakeholder Relations team on [email protected].