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National award for King’s Thrombosis Team

22 January 2024 - A King’s College Hospital team that supports patients who need protection from dangerous blood clots have been recognised at a national awards ceremony.

The Thrombosis Team at King’s College Hospital has been announced as the winner of the 2023 VTE Award for an outstanding patient resource. Their two-minute animation, which explains how patients can reduce their risk of blood clots, especially when in hospital, received unanimous acclaim from the judging panel.

The Thrombosis UK VTE Awards celebrate outstanding practice across healthcare services to prevent and embed the effective management of venous thromboembolism (VTE) – a condition which occurs when a blood clot forms in a vein. It is a leading cause of hospital deaths and disability. Preventive measures in hospital include the use of blood thinners along with simple measures such as remaining as mobile as possible and staying hydrated.

Jignesh Patel, Consultant Pharmacist and Reader in Anticoagulation Practice at King’s College Hospital, said: “Our team is very pleased to receive this award from Thrombosis UK. Everyone, including hospital staff, patients, carers and family members can play their part in preventing VTE. Increasingly, research shows that patients are more likely to take on board information when it’s presented in a visual format, such as animations. We hope our short film helps to convey some key information to our patients, such as asking their doctor or nurse what can be done to reduce their risk of VTE.

“VTE can happen at any time during a stay in hospital or in the weeks after being discharged. Knowing how to reduce your risk of developing the condition can save your life, and we hope to see more organisations using this resource to reach as many people as possible.”

Anyone wishing to watch the film or download for use in their medical setting can do so here.