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King’s trauma physiotherapist features in documentary series

01 March 2022 - The series is broadcast at 9pm on Channel 4 from Monday 28 February to Thursday 3 March

Senior Physiotherapist Naomi Felthouse is set to appear in a new documentary series on Channel 4, which explores the work of London’s Major Trauma Network – including the centre at King’s.

Naomi will feature in the series “Emergency” alongside fellow trauma care colleagues at King’s, who work together to provide life-saving care and rehabilitate patients with serious injuries following road traffic accidents, falls or stabbings.

Naomi – who has been working at the King’s Major Trauma Centre since 2019 – shares her experience of taking part in the documentary and what she enjoys most about her role.

Naomi said: “My role at King’s is incredibly varied. I work with patients across our local community who require rehabilitation after life-saving surgery or a neurological disorder. I also assess individuals in hospital who have been admitted with complex and distressing trauma injuries.

“Being part of a patient’s physical rehabilitation journey often involves providing emotional support – as they learn to cope with a life-changing event. Patients really value the time you spend with them. Taking time to listen to their concerns and sharing advice can make huge impact to their quality of life. It can be the reason why they can turn in bed by themselves or take their first few steps after an accident. It’s an incredibly rewarding role.

Naomi added: “I enjoy collaborating with colleagues across trauma care, who specialise in areas such as orthopaedics and neurology. Being able to collaborate across the specialisms is crucial to ensuring the patient receives the best quality of care. Viewers of the documentary will also see that we work together to improve each patient’s rehabilitation outcomes and help prevent future complications.”

Reflecting on her experience of filming, Naomi said: “At first, it was quite daunting being in front of the camera, but the film crew at Channel 4 were fantastic and helped me to feel more relaxed.

“I felt it was important that my physiotherapy colleagues were represented in the documentary and that the public were given the opportunity to witness the level of care and support we provide to our most critically ill patients.”