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King’s nurse wins award for excellent patient care

09 March 2023 - Krissie Stiles, Plastic Surgery Clinical Nurse Specialist at King’s, has been recognised with a Journal of Wound Care (JWC) Award for effective burns care

The 2023 JWC Awards showcase the hard work by healthcare professionals in all fields of wound care. On Friday 24 February 2023, Krissie was presented with the JWC Award for effective burns care in recognition of her outstanding efforts in this field of work.

Krissie said: “A burn survivor’s journey begins at the time of injury. Each service, each point of contact, each intervention leaves a trace on the burn survivor that will only become evident hours, days or even months later. Each action and inaction has the potential to make a difference and will directly impact a burn survivor’s recovery and their quality of life.

“I am extremely proud to have won a JWC Award for my work. “A big part of my career in burn care has involved training pre-hospital emergency teams, healthcare assistants, emergency nurse practitioners and emergency department doctors so we can give patients the very best care. As health professionals, each one of us makes a difference to a burns survivor’s recovery, and having the right training ensures we can minimise any long-lasting damage caused by burns.”

Helen Fletcher, Deputy Director of Nursing at King’s College Hospital, said: “Krissie has worked extremely hard to help as many staff as possible understand more about treating burns, and there’s no doubt that this has made a significant difference to the lives of our patients. She is a real champion for outstanding patient care, and this is an extremely well-deserved award.”