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Bromley-based PRUH patients race to celebrate their recovery

18 January 2024 - Two patients receiving treatment in the Intensive Therapy Unit (ITU) at Princess Royal University Hospital (PRUH) have celebrated their recovery with a Zimmer Frame race.


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Previously, Beverly Smith and Rob Holding, both from Bromley, had spent over a month in ITU confined in neighbouring beds being supported around the clock by hospital staff for severe respiratory failure.

Samar Nafis, Team Lead Physiotherapist – Critical Care at the PRUH, explained: “Beverley and Rob were both severely unwell and needed life-saving treatment when they came to us. They both needed a tracheostomy to come off breathing support from ventilators, which is a small tube that helps create an artificial airway. As with the majority of our ITU patients, they had muscle weakness and decreased stamina. Initially, neither Beverly nor Rob were able to move at all without help. But they were both very driven to get back up on their feet and walk again as soon as possible, so we wanted to do all we could to help.

“Rehabilitation with support from the ITU Multidisciplinary Team was an important part of their recovery, and we set them small goals to help build up their strength. Rob and Beverly kept each other motivated, and suggested a race with their Zimmer Frames across the unit to celebrate how far they had both come.

“With Beverly being the clear winner, Rob clapped as she crossed the finish line, and all the team on the ITU cheered for them both for their strength and courage to recover from a severely critical illness.”

Beverly and Rob have now progressed enough in their recoveries to leave the ITU and are receiving on-going rehabilitation on the wards at PRUH to get them all the way to their ultimate finish line; home.