Major trauma referrals

Our major trauma referrals system is for inter-hospital use only. To access it, you must be on a PC connected to an NHS hospital network.

How to make a major trauma referral

Please call the Major Trauma Centre (MTC) consultant on call on 020 3299 5447.

Following discussion with the MTC consultant on call, please refer the patient using the major trauma referrals system.

Please ensure that all images are sent to King’s via IEP (Image Exchange Portal).

Please use this system for poly-trauma referrals only. For single system injuries, please call the on call team direct and use the speciality specific referral system where available.

Time critical referrals

For time critical referrals, please phone the MTC consultant on call on 020 3299 5447 to discuss this patient, and then use the referral system to record the referral.

Non-time critical referrals

For non-time critical referrals, you will receive an update after the major trauma handover meeting which takes place daily between 8.30am and 9am.

If the patient deteriorates, please call the MTC consultant on call on 020 3299 5447.