Bedside facilities

Many wards at King’s have a Hospicom bedside entertainment unit which is provided and maintained by HTS Ltd. Each patient is given a new pair of disposable headphones when they arrive on the ward.

To use the Hospicom unit, you will need a pre-paid card which you can buy from vending machines around the hospital .

The unit offers:

  • Free radio
  • Email
  • Access to the internet – this is only on the entertainment unit. You will not be able to use this with a laptop computer. You can view the hospital website,, for free.
  • Television – some hospital channels and programmes are free.

For more information about Hospicom and the charges, please go to

Wi-Fi and laptops

Typing on a laptop

Please ask the ward if you are able to use a laptop at your bedside. Electrical outlets may be restricted to hospital equipment only.

WiFiSPARK is the external supplier offering paid Wi-Fi access to the internet for use with laptops.

For more information, please contact WiFiSPARK.
Tel: 0845 838 5340 – helpdesk