Coronavirus vaccine

The coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccine will give you the best protection against coronavirus. The vaccine is an injection and has been tested to make sure it is safe and effective. You will need two injections of the vaccine. You usually have the second dose 8 to 12 weeks after the first dose.

Booking your appointment

As part of the national coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccination programme, we opened a mass vaccination centre at the Weston Education Centre (WEC) at King's College Hospital on Wednesday 19 May 2021. Please see the King's campus map which shows the location of the WEC on the King’s College Hospital site.

To book an appointment for the vaccine please use the National Booking System. Please check you are eligible to have the vaccine before you book. If you are unsure, the NHS website has more information about who can have the vaccine.

If you have an appointment for the vaccine, please use public transport to get here if you can, as there is no longer general public parking at the hospital. Before attending, please read about the measures we have in place to keep people safe while at our hospital sites. We look forward to welcoming you for your vaccine, helping you protect yourself, your family and our community.