Attending our hospitals

If you come to the hospital, you will see we have introduced measures to help people stay safe and keep their distance. You may also be asked to take extra precautions by our staff.

Do not attend our hospitals if you have COVID-19 symptoms. The only exceptions are if you need emergency or urgent care, or if you are in labour.

Attend alone if possible

To reduce the number of people in the hospital, we ask that patients do not bring anyone with them. Exceptions will be made for the following patients, who are permitted one person to assist them:

We have separate guidance if you are planning to visit someone in hospital.

Do not arrive too early

Aim to arrive at the department no earlier than 10 minutes before your appointment time. This is to reduce the number of people in our waiting rooms. If you arrive earlier we will ask you to wait outside the hospital building.

Stay safe, keep apart

While in our hospital buildings, you will need to: Stay safe, keep apart

  • wear a face covering
  • wash or sanitise your hands regularly (hand-washing stations and sanitisers are available throughout the hospital)
  • stay 2 metres apart from other people where possible
  • follow the signs which will tell you where to walk, wait and queue safely
  • walk on the left in main corridors
  • use the stairs rather than the lifts if possible

Our cafes and shops

To help with social distancing, our cafes and food retail outlets only permit a limited number of people to enter. The number of seats available has also been reduced.