#NewProfilePic for July 2022

01 July 2022 - 01 July 2022 - Every month, a different member of staff will be our #NewProfilePic on social media

Cesar Lorenzo

Our new staff profile for July 2022 is Cesar Lorenzo, a Nurse in Charge at the PRUH. He has been working at King’s since September 2016.

He said: "It was very challenging for me to come from Spain but was worth it to join the NHS and be part of King’s. A great decision that made me grow as a person, and professionally. I can progress whilst receiving training and support from the multi-disciplinary team. I can make my own decisions regarding my future career.

"What makes my role special to me and the patients I care for is that I like to be approachable and share my knowledge with my colleagues and at the same time I try to deliver first-class care to my patients. It is important to be happy in a work environment and feel satisfied with it.

"A memorable moment I've experienced at work was when I was in a COVID-19 pending ward from March 2020 until July 2021. It was a tough period for all of us, but working there made me think about so many aspects of my life."

We asked Cesar what interesting thing about his role patients may not know of. He said: "I like to meet new people from different cultures and backgrounds. Travel is my passion. I like to learn from my personal experiences, and be able to put them into my work as a nurse."

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