New operating theatre opens at Orpington Hospital

09 June 2022 - Hundreds more operations will be carried out each year

Dominic Silva with his dogs

A new state-of-the-art operating theatre has opened in Orpington Hospital, enabling hundreds of additional operations to take place each year.

The operating theatre and recovery suite, which is largely being used for orthopaedic procedures, will help reduce waiting times that have built up during the pandemic.

The new one-storey operating theatre also contains three patient recovery bays, and it has been designed to keep noise from corridors and other rooms to a minimum, reducing disturbance during patient recovery.

One patient who recently benefitted from surgery in the new theatre is 55-year-old Dominic Silva, father of four, from Bexleyheath. Dominic required an arthroscopy – keyhole surgery to diagnose and treat joint problems – to shave a bone in his shoulder, which had grown causing compression and pain. After initially being managed with steroid injections, the pain continued and Mr Silva was referred to the orthopaedic department.

Mr Silva said, “Until my referral to Orpington Hospital, I didn’t know it existed. It’s tucked away from the main road, and is in a leafy part of the town. While it is a small hospital, my experience was very good indeed.

“The new theatre was spotlessly clean and well-designed, and the team caring for me were always courteous, helpful and supportive.

“There’s still some pain from the procedure but I’m having physio and I’m keen to get back to work, start walking my dogs again and get on with my hobbies, which include fixing up cars and making items for my home. I’ll soon be starting work on my next project: making a dining table out of a jet engine!”

Jonathan Lofthouse, Site Chief Executive, said, “The additional operating theatre is a fantastic addition to our services at Orpington Hospital. It is helping us tackle waiting lists that have grown during the COVID-19 pandemic, particularly those who are waiting for joint operations including knee and hip replacement surgery, so that patients receive the timely care they deserve.”

The additional theatre will benefit people living locally, as well as those living across South East London, who may be referred to Orpington Hospital for treatment.

Orpington Hospital, which was rated Good during its last CQC inspection, is part of King’s College Hospital NHS Foundation Trust.