Gender Pay Gap

Gender Pay Gap legislation requires all organisations with 250 or more employees to publish their figures comparing men and women’s average pay across the organisation

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King’s College Hospital NHS Foundation Trust has published its Gender Pay Gap report, based on a snapshot date of 31 March 2021.

What is the Gender Pay Gap at King's?
Our gender pay gap analysis shows that females employed by King's earn £20.29 per hour compared to £25.00 for males when the average (mean) hourly rate of pay is calculated. This means that females earn £4.71 less per hour which equates to an 18.85% gender pay difference.

If the median position is taken, females earn £18.66 per hour compared to £21.48 per hour for males. This equates to females earning £2.83 less per hour and a median percentage difference of 13.16%. The median is included as it not affected by unusually high or low salaries.

Why do we have a Gap?
Our analysis into the gender pay gap at King’s has identified two key drivers of our pay gap: the uneven distribution of men in our overall workforce, and the higher number of male consultants than female consultants in the upper quartile of our pay distribution.

How does King’s compare to last year?
Last year, the Trust reported an average pay gap of 18.5% on the basis of males’ average hourly rate of pay of £24.04 compared to £19.60 for females. The average pay gap has increased slightly by 0.38% to 18.85%. The Trust reported a median pay gap last year of 10.4%. This has increased by 2.76% this year to 13%.

Closing the Gender Pay Gap
There is still a gender pay gap owing to the distribution of male and female employees across the pay quartiles at King’s despite the NHS pay system which comprises of a series of nationally negotiated pay steps underpinned by national job evaluation processes. There are a number of actions that are being taken to reduce any potential for gender discrimination and promote gender equality.

For more information and updates on how we address the Gender Pay Gap, please contact the Equality, Diversity and Inclusion team on

Further information can be found in the Trust's Gender Pay Gap report.