Protecting myself from COVID-19

Macharia explains why he chose to have the COVID-19 vaccination

Macharia Gakuru

Macharia Gakuru has been shielding at home in Charlton since March 2020. He told us about the difference the COVID-19 vaccination could make to his life: “As with so many other people, life during the COVID-19 pandemic has not been easy. To protect myself as much as possible, I have been shielding for almost a year, only leaving the house for dialysis treatment at King’s College Hospital. The staff at King’s have been wonderful, particularly the renal team. I’m extremely grateful for everything they do. They have all my respect for the way they put patients first.

“The news that a COVID-19 vaccine was being rolled out was a great moment. All the things that have been denied to us over the past year, such as travel, returning to work, seeing friends and family, have become possible again. I would encourage anyone eligible to have their vaccination – it’s a quick and painless way to keep yourself as healthy as possible.”